From dot to book

Every important turning point in a child’s first year.

For mommies and daddies, to never forget the first successes, words, achievements and smiles of their little dots.

In a cute, childish way designed picture book.

Our little dots, drawn in a cute and easy way, are the main characters in their own picture book.

Two versions of the picture book

In the picture book for toddler girls you will find lovely hearts, in the one for toddler boys, cute dots are all over the place.

Star/a sem 1 leto! Ich bin 1 Jahr alt! I am 1 year old!

Written in five languages, i. e. German, Slovene, English, Croatian and Serbian with the purpose to reach as many parents as possible and for them to remember the successes of their little dots.

Each book is personalised.

We take our time with every picture book and design it for every little dot individually and with lots of excitement.

Designed with love

Because our little dots mean the whole world to us.

Every little dot should have their simple, with their achievements filled personalized picture book, in which they are the main characters.

Two versions of the picture book

Lovely hearts for toddler girls

38,90€ / 28,90€ (Book to fill out)


Cute dots for toddler boys

38,90€ / 28,90€ (Book to fill out)


About us

Everything starts with a little dot. We give it love and desire to grow big. That is how the story of Two little dots began; with two little dots, who mean the world to me. I am a B.Sc. in graphic and media technic, but primarily a wife to my husband and a mother to my two little dots, who were the initiative and inspiration to start the Two little dots story.

Why Two little dots? During my pregnancy, I was searching for memory books for my child’s first-year achievements, but none was enough unique and personal. So I decided that every little dot should have their own simple, personalized book with their achievements, in which they are the main characters.

Urška Biberović

Urška Biberović